Vaccines and Big Pharma Depopulation Agenda

Please download and share this document by the World Health Organisation

They are implying that they own your Children and they can vaccinate them  regardless of whether a Parent does not consent.

Section 4 of the document states that they have implied consent just by you taking your Child to School on vaccination day and the worst thing is they dictate to School Head Teachers not to tell Parents when vaccination day will be.

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Vaccines and Big Pharma

Our favourite person, Bill Gates' name seems to pop up everywhere, he is a partner owner of the World Health Organisation and he is the second biggest funder to the WHO with the Rockefeller family.

He has a God complex and has caused Child injuries and deaths in India with his vaccines. Bill and Melinda Gates have been outspoken about their desire to target black and vulnerable people first. They try to make out like they have good intentions, but it is important to research the history of the Gates family.

Bill Gates Senior, the father of Microsoft founder Bill Gates Jr was known to be racist and was an advocate for planned parenthood for ethnic minority groups.

Bill Gates Senior is alleged to have died in September 2020, this could be a warning of karma to his Son, Bill Gates Jr. to stop what he is doing.

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