Why are they constantly trying to take guns off Americans?

The Second Amendment of the Constitution gives the American people the right to bear arms for the right to defend themselves against a tyrannical government in the future.

A lot of gun crime shown in the US news media is faked by the CIA, so they can change laws and ban firearms. The goal of the satanic cabal is to remove guns from the people, so they can declare martial law to kill millions of rebellious citizens who are against fascism and tyranny, then force microchip the remaining population.

They know they cannot do this whilst the American people still have firearms to protect themselves.

Notice how the Sandy Hook School shooting was faked and several children had allegedly been killed.

Evidence was established to support the fact many of the alleged Parents who lost Children are Actors.

Robbie Parker claims to be a Father to one of the victims, but notice his bizzare behaviour in this clip.

Is this the face of a Man who has just lost a child, or is he a terrible Actor?

Why does he walk on laughing?

Why does he say his full name to make it more believable, but it actually raises more suspicion? 

Then we have this poor child who died twice in two different Countries

The news media messed up their propaganda lies hereby claiming he was a victim of the sandy hook school shooting, but they used his photo again to claim he died at a school in India aswell and he has 2 different names.

As you can see it's the exact same photo, even the background is identical.

If you look at the Indian news reporter, you can see on the wall is an identical photo of the child who allegedly died at the sandy hook school shooting in 2012, but according to the mainstream media LIARS, he also died in 2014 in india.

It should make you ask the question, was the TV reporters Alison Parker and Adam Ward shot dead on live TV genuine?

Was Stephen Paddock really behind the Las Vegas shooting at a Concert in 2017? witnesses say they saw several shooters, which indicates it could be a CIA operation, so they can ban guns.

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