Did you ever watch The X Files series? It always had a shadow group of men controlling the government, military and FBI.

The New World Order is basically the endgame for humanity, it has been planned by the illuminati since 1776 and the American dollar seal shows this symbolic agenda, The roman numerals on the dollar bill "MDCCLXXVI" would translate as 1776. The all seeing eye of satan is at the top of the pyramid meaning he is controlling everything.

The wording "Annuit Coeptis" means Favours Our Undertakings and "Novus Ordo Seclorum" means new order of the ages, or new world order.

What does the NWO consist of?

Depopulation of 7 billion people on Earth with vaccines, so they can control the remaining survivors. This plot to kill billions of people in another holocaust is actually written on the Georgia Guidestones to maintain 500,000,000

One World Army / Police State controlled by the UN

One World Digital Currency on a Microchipped population and every human will be tracked via these DARPA nano chips

One World Religion to deny God and accept Lucifer as your new God

The globalists attempted to implement the NWO by using Adolf Hitler as a puppet gofer, they made World War 2 happen and they made it look like it was all Hitler's holocaust killing the jews, when infact he was following orders from the satanic cabal. The School education system is also controlled by the cut and this is why we learn it was all Hitler's doing.

The European Union is Hitler's wet dream, he attempted to dominate countires by force, but the EU use stealth tactics to dominate Europe. It is the exact same plan they tried to carry out with Hitler, but today it is accepted as just the EU.

Great Britain voting to leave the EU was the global cults worst nightmare, so they showed us their rage by faking COVID-19, which was also setup to distract the world from an uprising against the child trafficking for satanic pedophiles. Think about the way they changed UK cash to plastic notes just beforehand, so they can say the virus sticks to plastic.

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