Why are the socalled "Fact Checkers" lying?

It is understood that a lot of the independent online fact checkers are not actually independent.

Many of them are receiving thousands of dollars from silicon valley corporations, simply to censor true facts.

In the documentary film Vaxxed 2: Indoctornation they exposed many of the online fact checkers and proved they were lying to try and discredit conspiracy truth, this is to keep the dumbed-down people in the dark and for propaganda reasons to influence people through fear to get an unnecessary vaccine.

Fact Checkers are even censoring TRUE FACTS published content on facebook and youtube, that are evidence based and verified and corroborated from various sources. Again, this is to prevent the sheeple from waking up to the truth.

Vaccines are known to cause more health problems and shorten the life of the individual who accepts a jab.

Trusting online fact checkers is like trusting a nazi propaganda tool to influence your decision making process.

It is very important that you, the individual do your own investigations and come to your own conclusion, this way you will stop calling others a tinfoil hat, you will stop believing government liars and news media after gathering your own verifiable intelligence and you will also see the way fact checkers are lying to try and discredit truth.


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