A fake alien attack is planned by the global satanic rulers of the world.

They intend to fake a hologram of Jesus in the sky and fool the people to turn against God and his Angels when they arrive.

NASA are not the corporation we are led to believe, they are not searching for life on other planets and they are not looking out for meteors heading towards the Earth.

NASA was established in 1958 to fool the global population with the faked moon landing on 20 July 1969, they are also responsible for removing UFO craft from photo's and claiming not to have any knowledge of people (aliens / angels) living on other planets, but the 100% undeniable fact is that they have known this to be the case all along.

Some Astronauts have be subjected to the CIAs MK Ultra program and were placed under hypnotic mind control and this is how they were tricked to believe they actually did visit the moon, other Astronauts who were not placed in a trance state have been involved in the propaganda to fool mankind. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were hypnotically induced because they had to do television interviews and make their accounts sound believable.

NASA are actually observing to know when God and his Angels are coming to destroy satan and his cult rulers.

The Vatican are also not the establishment we are led to believe, the Catholic Church is run by luciferians and they have the  most powerful telescope erected on top of a mountain in Arizona, USA, which they conveniently named lucifer. This is so the Pope will know when God is coming to Judge his unholiness and evil conduct. satan and his vatican want the global population to accept the mark of the beast before God arrives, so he will win human souls. The global cult are continuously trying to manipulate the world that they need a DARPA vaccine to save them from a bogey man virus, they don't tell you what is really in their vaccine though.

Project Bluebeam - Staged Alien Attack on the Earth

The global satanic cult have assigned NASA and the CIA to carry out a staged alien attack on the world, with the intention of turning people against God.
In 1947 a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico where witnesses recalled seeing dead alien bodies and the UFO smashed into pieces.
The alien bodies and UFO craft had been recovered by the US military. The Nazi Scientists who moved to America after World War 2 to work for the US government have since learned to back-engineer UFO space craft and they have built thousands of UFO's ever since.
Project Bluebeam will be humans flying these UFO's and blowing up buildings and killing people, so we fear it is aliens. NASA / CIA will shine a hologram of Jesus Christ in the sky who will cast away the demons (UFO's) and he will ask humanity to be injected with a vaccine, so they can be raptured off planet. This hologram will be the Antichrist and the vaccine will contain the Mark of the Beast.
When God and his Angels arrive to protect humanity, many will be fooled and fight because they will think it is the aliens attacking again.
We have known about this sinister plot since 2007, but now Dr. Steven Greer backs up Our findings and admits this insane event has actually been planned to happen in his 2017 documentary film "Unacknowledged" and his documentary "Close Encounters of the fifth kind" was released in 2021.
I don't agree fully with Dr. Steven Greer and it is very possible he is still working for the US Government to fool or manipulate humanity, but some of what he reveals is compelling evidence of other entities living on Earth.

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