Secret Societies

Freemasons are believed to have originated from the Knights Templars, who were the good guys protecting the Holy Grail and Jesus' bloodline.

After the Templars were arrested in 1307 due to pressure from King Philip and Pope Clement V, the Knights Templars were dissolved in 1312 and it is believed many of them went underground. They eventually re-emerged as Freemasons who are known for their building structures and satanic occult rituals.

In 1776 a group of crazy scientists formed a brotherhood and called themselves "illuminati" because they believed that they were enlightened. The illuminati denied the existence of God and tried to use science to explain the creation of Earth and Humans. The illuminati were against the Christian faith and eventually managed to infiltrate the Freemasons society.

All over the world, there are symbols of satanism and devil worship. The Vatican was once considered to be Holy and spread the words of God and Jesus Christ, but the Vatican too became infiltrated by illuminati members, which is why people were burned alive in the streets without any proof of being witches and today, many Priests are exposed as pedophiles who enjoy child suffering.

Jehovah Witness beliefs seem to be the closest religion to the truth and the very first Bible does actually tell us that God's name is Jehovah. Other religions also refer to God as Jehovah, but the Vatican do not as their God is Lucifer (satan).

Many Politicians, World leaders, Religious leaders, Celebrities, Judges, Chiefs of Police are put into these positions of power and paid huge salaries if they accept Lucifer as their God. They attend Masonic meetings and carry out satanic rituals, which includes the sacrificing of human and animal lives.

The Pizzagate Scandal exposed the involvement of Celebrities, Politicians and Royalty being involved in child trafficking. These evil creatures in positions of power and trust are believed to torture and kill innocent babies and children because they have no soul, they may not even be human. They drink a chemical that is found in a childs blood after suffering called Adrenochrome.

David Icke was ridiculed for saying there are reptilian beings in all governments. It makes so much sense that they would need human blood to make themselves appear to be human, when infact they are the worst kind of evil you could ever imagine. The Bible tells us about satan being a serpent creature who can make himself look human and it is these monsters in high up positions of authority, who are satan's offspring, literally satan's bloodline of children.

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