Here is a copy of the Lockstep document from the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010. 

It appears that the Rockefeller Foundation have removed this evidence from the internet and published a new version to appear all innocent.

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Lockstep by the Rockefeller Cult

In 2010 the Rockefeller Foundation published this document about a virus coming out of China. They talk about how China will quickly recover and the rest of the world will suffer draconian rules and laws being passed to give governments more authoritarian powers to dictate to their citizens.

Remember, this document was published 10 years before they faked the COVID19 crisis, so they can implement changes that will benefit a satanic order.

They say people will be identified more easily with facial recognition CCTV being installed everywhere and a technology for tracking peoples movements. This is what the Bible tells us is the Mark of the Beast and we must NEVER accept it.

It is understood that DARPA and the UN have created a nano chip technology to be implanted under the skin, it is in a jelly substance which helps to fuse with human tissue.

Scientists and Doctors are warning this will change human DNA and capture the soul, which is exactly what the Bible has warned us for hundreds of years

Bill Gates has a patent on this technology via Microsoft and it is referred to as an injectable dye to track people. What is even more bizarre is that the patent number is 060606, which is the number of the beast. This document has been removed from the internet since the facts had come to light, but you can still verify it is authentic from other patent sources.


The Lockstep document talks about a food shortage crisis between 2027 - 2030, this is planned by the 13 satanic families to create deaths globally.

They may change this timeline if more people become aware of their agenda, they usually do put the dates back when too many people are knowledgeable.

If they don't change this timeline, it is very important to warn your loved ones and prepare for this pre-planned evil. You can do this by building a raised bed in your garden and start learning to grow fruit and vegetables. Although, it is not recommended to eat processed foods, this can save humanity if you stock up on crap foods like canned products, pasta, rice etc aswell as becoming self sufficient by growing your own.

Try to stop using your bank card to pay for items because this helps the global cult in their efforts to create a cashless society. They plan to abolish cash, so they can introduce digital currency as the new means of payment. The digital currency will be on the microchips implanted in your hand.

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