How the Moon Landing was faked ?

On 20 July 1969, the world was deceived once again by propaganda and manipulation from satan's cult leaders.

1) Think about the fact we can't even keep a mobile phone signal in some places and yet you are told to believe that they managed to have a LIVE TV signal from the Moon over 238,855 miles away

2) There is no atmosphere on the Moon, so why was the USA flag blowing around?

3) When Neil Armstrong allegedly took the first step out of Apollo 11 and onto the Moon, why was there a camera already on the Moon to film him?

4) Why do all the Astronauts refuse to swear on the Bible that they really went to the Moon? Were they under MK Ultra mind control and made to believe they actually went, but infact did not?

5) Why did Stanley Kubrick put many codes and signs in his movies to tell the world that he was involved in the filming of the faked moon landing footage?

Flat Earth v Globe

1) Many centuries ago ancient Greek philosopher, Pythagoras claimed the Earth is round. Christopher Columbus, Galileo and others have also suggested Our planet is a globe, but none of them were able to prove it and it was simply a theory. Our education system is teaching us that an unproven theory is a fact

2) NASA footage of the Earth is usually with the use of a fish-eye lens camera to make the Earth look like it curves. This is part of the illusion to make you believe it

3) The Bible mentions there are four Angels at the four corners of the Earth, which would suggest Our planet is not a sphere as we are led to believe

4) A Pilot can put his airplane on auto-pilot and goto sleep. The airplane will just fly straight, but how is that possible? surely it would fly out into space if the Earth is round

5) You will always get idiots like Schofield trying to discredit the truth, when they are unable to prove their own belief. They simply believe what they were educated to believe as true without any evidence to support it

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