Ever been called a tinfoil nutter, anti vaxxer, conspiracy theorist? 

If you answered yes, congratulations you are a free thinker who is good at assessing information and evidence and not a CIA brainwashed sheep who use these CIA terms to try and discredit the truth. 

When you come across these brainless people who refer to Conspiracy Researchers as "Theorists",  or "Tinfoil Hat nutters", they don't seem to realise how moronic they sound. They can't even use their own minds to insult you, they are that far induced under hypnotic mind control, that they are actually using CIA words without even knowing it. 

The best of all is when Conspiracy deniers have started to call Researchers "sheep", when the reality is that has always been Our insult to them because they follow the government to the slaughter and just accept everything they are told with no evidence at all. Hitler would have loved these yes men / yes women who obey orders like good little pathetic cattle. It is really sad that they believe they care for their Children but infact are doing them more harm than good by simply accepting nonsense they are told to believe such as theCovid19 SCAMdemic

Our research has found that the reason so many people refuse to listen, they refuse to wake up to the most obvious of facts, they only accept the news media and governments version of everything, which is because Children were demoralised through the education system in the 50's and 60's. They have no concept of reality and only bow down to what they perceive as authority figures. Former KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov exposed this fact in a televised interview in 1984.

A lot of the demoralised are very intelligence in their field of expertise, but they lack common sense, they are only able to focus on what authority is saying and dismiss anything from the opposition. They have poor navigation skills and are not very competent in other industries and sectors.

I personally know a CPS Lawyer, Doctors, Nurses and many others who are demoralised in this way to only accept what they have been taught and have no care for other people aslong as they feel safe. These individuals have what is called a "self meter program" meaning they can be selfish and they would eat the last bit of food before offering it to a starving person. For example a Doctor needs to pass a degree qualification designed by the Rockefeller family, one of the satanic families who own the World Health Organisation. The qualification is based on lies and ways to keep the patient hooked on prescription poison until they die.

They are educated to believe they care, but without morale. They only accept what the WHO tell them is true, even when it is false.

All Conspiracy NO Theory

We have been exposing the evil and corruption within governments for decades, we expose the real people who control your puppet government.

When government appointed police constabularies choose to turn a blind eye to politicians who commit crimes against humanity, they ignore the evidence of politicians conspiring with big pharma, they ignore the evidence of Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty and Patrick Valance all having investments in pharmaceuticals to poison and kill the nation with untested and unapproved vaccines, which is a conflict of interest and should 100% be a starting point of police enquiry....

.... It's time to deploy some REAL police and journalists to gather intelligence that Our corrupt police and journalists WON'T

1) Why won't the British Police or UK Journalists investigate crime involving politicians?

ANSWER: British Police and UK Journalists are on the payroll of the globalist satanic cult. This is why they enforce nazi rules with no scientific evidence to support their agenda. It is not just UK establishments who are controlled by the global cult, they actually control every government in every country. The masonic cult control the LIES you watch in the news media to stir humanity in the direction they have long desired.

2) Who are the global satanic cult?

ANSWER: 13 families control the entire world through networks within governments, banking, law enforcement, news media, big pharma, food and drink, household water supply, energy utilities and so much more. It has been a secret for hundreds of years, but now they don't care that we know they exist because they believe they are at the end of their New World Order agenda and there is nothing we can do about it. See our "13 families" page

3) What is the New World Order?

ANSWER: The NWO is a long planned sinister agenda by the 13 satanic bloodlines to kill 90% of the world population, so they can control the remaining 10%. They believe it has become impossible for them to control humanity with over 7.5 billion people on Earth. The New World Order consists of the following: One Global Currency on a implanted microchip under the skin via vaccines (Mark of the Beast) One Global Army / Police State to turn off your chip and put you to death for non compliance One Global Religion to worship lucifer (satan) as your God The NWO agenda is planned to be sold to the people as a good thing with all it's positives. They will tell you there will be no more crime because every human on Earth will be tracked via the nano chip implants created by DARPA and the UN. These nano chips are inside a jelly substance that can fuse together with human tissue. The Holy Bible warns humanity in the Book of Revelation that we MUST NEVER accept the mark of the beast or you can never be saved. If you voluntarily accept the chip implant (vaccines) you will have sold your soul to satan. See more on Our "NWO" page

4) What are the Georgia Guidestones and who built them?

ANSWER: The Georgia Guidestones were erected in 1980, the project was funded by a gentleman who wanted to remain anonymous, but he signed the pseudonym R C Christian. The Guidestones are basically satan's version of the 10 commandments written in several languages. The most horrific text on the tablet stones says "We should maintain humanity to 500 million in perpetual balance with nature", this is were the New World Order comes into the plot to kill billions of people worldwide to try and fulfill their evil agenda. See more on Our "Georgia Guidestones" page.

5) Have you heard about the Denver Airport conspiracy?

ANSWER: Denver Airport was built in 1994, like many places including the Statue of Liberty, they had been built by freemasons. The masonic cult of satan worshippers even left clues behind to tell the world what evil they are planning next. Strange as it may seem, but even satanists have a code of ethics, in that they have to give humanity some form of prior warning about what they're upto. They do this in a clever sneaky way because they know a lot of people are not fully awake and cannot see what is right infront of them. They hide subliminal clues in plain sight because the ignorant and demoralised individual cannot see clearly or think for themselves, the way God, Our Creator had intended. A painting was installed at the Airport showing death and destruction from a nazi figure holding an arabic sword and wearing a gas mask. On the end of the sword is a dove of peace and their are dead bodies piled up like another holocaust. Check Our "Denver Airport" page  Corinthians 4:4 in the King James Bible explains why so many people are blinded and can't accept the truth "in whom the god of this world (satan) hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them"

6) Does COVID-19 really exist?

ANSWER: The World Health Organisation and the CDC has never shown any evidence that covid19 is a real deadly pathogen. Evidence suggests that the second biggest funder of the WHO, Bill Gates was involved in setting up a fake pandemic with the intention of mass vaccinations to depopulate the world and microchip the remaining people alive.

This is the New World Order plot to try to encourage every man, woman and child to be chipped with a vaccine created by DARPA.

DARPA is a black ops military organisation President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the world about in his 1961 farewell speech, he referred to them as the Military Industrial Complex who have misplaced power.

PCR tests were invented by Kary Mullis and he himself said "They cannot diagnose a virus because they give false positives"

Masks are ordered to be worn, so the wearer will get ill and have respiratory issues, so they can falsely claim it is covid

Social distancing is a method to condition people to be fearful of eachother, it is all part of their spiritual and psychological warfare and many have fallen for it.

Chief of the WHO, Tedros Adhamon is well known to the intelligence services for his historic terrorist activity.

Bill Gates funded a fake scenario of a deadly virus just 5 months before the covid plandemic was announced, it was called "Event 201" and they even discussed how to discredit conspiracy researchers as being nutters, so they can keep the majority of sheep on side, yes they do actually call the idiot followers sheeple and useless eaters. This is because they know dumbed-down people will follow their government leader to the slaughter without challenging anything 

Doctors and Scientists have spoken out all over the world to say the cabal cult are going to carry out a cull of the population

Many Doctors and Scientists ADMIT covid19 does not exist, but they get silenced and even threatened with dismissal.

After World War 2 many of the Nazi Scientists moved to American and worked for the US government. It is these very Nazi Scientist families who the world is listening to on fake covid19 science. Governments should consult with impartial Scientists and Doctors who are not on Bill Gates' payroll, but they don't because Our government is also receiving funding from Bill Gates to keep quiet and stir the world in the direction he wants.

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