Aghartha the inner world race

There is a race of beings that are known to live deep inside the hollow Earth, this place is said to be like another world and it even has a sun. We are taught in School that there is nothing, but the core and lava, which is absolutely false.

Buddhist Monks call the inner Earth civilization "Shambhala" and it is believed their entities are controlling world governments, they were behind Hitler starting World War 2 and his links to the Vril Society.

The inner world race also formed Hitler's agenda to create an aryan master race and kill millions of Jews in the holocaust.

Check out the verbal testimony of eye witnesses at the bottom

Admiral Richard E Byrd is known for his expedition in 1946 to Antarctica with his Naval Officers. The mission is known as "Operation Highjump". 

Admiral Byrd wrote in his diary about coming into contact with a race of beings deep inside the Earth through an opening at Antarctica. The race of beings appeared to look human and flew UFO craft in and out of this mysterious underworld. 

The Bible does mention the nephilim live inside the Earth and that they are satan's offspring.

Secretary of the US Navy, James Forrestal was responsible for deploying Admiral Byrd and his crew to explore the Antarctica. When he returned to the US with his crew, the American Government silenced them and suppressed the hollow earth inner world civilization from becoming public knowledge.

James Forrestal wanted the public to know the truth about the beings living inside the Earth, but to keep him quiet President Truman had him sectioned into a mental hospital. He allegedly committed suicide jumping from a hospital window, but it is more likely he was thrown out to stop him revealing the truth about angels / aliens.

 The Bible speaks of Angels, both good and evil. The good Angels are protecting humanity daily and the evil angels live deep inside the Earth.

They are known as fallen angels, they look like humans, but witness testimony from indian people who claim they have seen this race of giants say theydo appear human, but they have a tail.

Phil Schneider was murdered by US government agents in 1996 for telling the world about aliens underground have thousands of children locked in cages and they are eaten alive. The demonic creatures feed off the energy of a child suffering.


Alex Collier is another hero who has spoken out about these monsters killing and eating innocent children. This is were the pizzagate scandal ties in.

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